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Most people aren’t likely to find themselves in the unfortunate situation to be arrested and in need of making bail. However, it does happen, even to innocent people. Sometimes bail is more than people have in cash lying around to afford and this is where a bail bondsmen comes in. In the state of Texas, a bail bondsman needs to be licensed to practice but, more importantly, before you hire one, you should be certain to hire someone considered highly reputable, professional, and trustworthy. The better they are, the better for you. The object is to get you out of jail as quickly as possible – to spend as little time in jail as possible.

Bail Bond Bros has an established reputation for customer service, being discreet and being extremely knowledgable with bail bonds. We are available 24/7 to immediately begin the process to bail you out of jail.

Bail is basically a cash promise to the court system that you will appear or return for your court case. It is not related to your guilt or innocence in any way. The first type of bail offered is a cash bail which you can simply pay. When the bail is too high, you will need to put up collateral so that a bail bondsman can submit a bond on your behalf. They will charge 10% in Texas for a state or local bond or 15% for a federal bond given the more serious charge and the greater amount of knowledge and work required with federal bonds. State bonds relate more to misdemeanors, traffic tickets, and other crimes not at the federal level.

The different types of bonds are: federal, surety, immigration, civil, signature, and child custody. The procedures for each vary by jurisdiction. In the state of Texas, unlike other states, bondsmen must be licensed. It’s important for you or your family to contact a bondsmen as quickly as possible after your arrest. The faster the better to begin the process toward bail. Sometimes this can be accomplished within hours depending on the case, charges, and jurisdiction. This is where a reputable bondsman can make a difference.

Usually if a person was arrested “on sight” – meaning something happened such as a DUI – then they must see the judge or magistrate who then sets bail. If the person was arrested on a warrant, usually the bond has already been set and they don’t have to wait to be arraigned. That’s usually the fasted way out of jail as there’s no need to wait for a bail/bond hearing.

It is never a good idea to fail to appear in court once you are out on bail and a court date has been set. To not appear in court not only is a crime, it could also threatened any collateral toward your bond. If a bail bondsman believes you could be a flight risk, they can deny working with you and you will have to search out another one. So, it’s important to work closely with a high reputable bondsman to help rather than hinder your case and bond hearing.

State Bonds

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