About Our Service- What to Expect from a Bail Bondsman

Assume that you’re in court to respond to a charge about a crime that you committed. The judge then informs you about a bail bond you should pay. If the bond is a small amount, it would be possible for you to raise it alone or with the assistance of your friends. On the other hand, if the amount is too big, it would be good to get in touch with us and benefit from the bail bondsman services that we provide. When you call us, we shall ask you to identify yourself and your relationship with the defendant. This is because we need to establish the relationship between the caller and the defendant. The caller should confirm that the defendant shall appear in court.

Information needed by bail bondsman
Next, we shall ask you for information regarding the date the defendant was arrested and taken to court. If the defendant is already in custody or jail, we need this information as well. The dates are crucial as they enable us to learn about any potential issue that could be hampering the defendant’s release from custody. If the defendant has been in custody for longer than the legally permissible 48 hours, we would need this information. Details regarding the time of arrest and appearance in court would enable us to know if the defendant is ready for a bailout or is still in custody awaiting processing.

Why bail bondsman needs processing details
In certain jails, the defendants are processed much faster. Therefore, don’t be surprised when we ask you where the defendant is. We need the name of the exact jail where s/he is being held. In some jails, processing takes not more than 12 hours. In other jails, processing takes up to 24 hours, or longer. After providing us with this information, we will now wish to know about the repayment plans. We understand that the bail amounts aren’t set in stone in Texas. For that reason, some defendants might be asked to pay a larger bail amount while others pay a smaller amount. Regardless of the amount, the repayment plan is most important to us.

Why bail bondsman must meet with the defendant’s representatives
We require as much information as possible pertaining to the defendant. The defendant’s social security number is a crucial piece of information that we need when processing the bail payment and documents. The citation number, exact crime or charge sheet and details regarding the arresting agency go a long way in helping us. Before taking the case, we will have a meeting with the defendant’s family or friends. The two parties, the defendant’s representatives and us, would then sign a contract. The contract confirms that the defendant shall appear in court during all scheduled sessions without fail.

Bail bondsman pays money to the holding facility
We never give the money to the cosigner or defendant in person. After signing all relevant paperwork, we go to the holding facility and pay the required bail bond. The holding facility would then release the defendant into our hands. This is the tradition with all bail bondsmen and holding facilities. At all times, we do not hide the fact that we shall be working closely with a bounty hunter just in case the defendant skips bail. The work of the bounty hunter is to not only find, but also apprehend the defendant. Listen, if you are in need of bail bonds services you should call us ASAP, the longer you wait, the longer your loved one has to sit in jail and the worse things are.

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