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A bail allows those who’ve been arrested to be released from jail while they await their trial. It can be paid by them as the defendant as well as any family or friend. When the bail is larger than they can pay, a bail bondsman will post their bail for a fee. That fee can be anywhere from 10% for most bonds and 15% for a federal bond. Working with a very reputable bail bondsmen like Bail Bonds Bros is critical for your case. We will always act with great discretion, we know the system and have a lot of experience. Lastly, will assist you each step of the way and provide clarity throughout the process.

Once a person is arrested, you will have the right to post a bond to meet your bail (also known as a surety bond) which the court will hold to guarantee you appear for all your court appearances. It is a crime, and you risk losing your bond and/or collateral, if you fail to appear in court.

There are numerous types of bonds, including municipal bonds. Municipal refers to city, thus a municipal bond is issued within the city in various counties across Texas. Most bonds have a bail schedule meaning they have a pre-determined fee or bail. The bonding schedule is a general guide because amounts can be set by individual courts. For example, a Class C misdemeanor is a $100 bail while a First Degree Felony could be $20,000. In serious federal cases, the amount of bail is up to the discretion of the presiding judge of the bail hearing. Once the bond amount is set, then the defendant has the right to post bond. This is where the bail bonding company comes in. Bail Bond Bros is able to assist our clients each of these steps. Contact us for further details.

Bail bondsmen in Texas charge a 10% fee meaning if your bail is set at $10,000 the bondsmen will charge 10% of that or $1,000.

The laws of Texas list no less than six requisites detailing what a bond must contain. It is crucial to your case to work with someone like Bail Bond Bros because we have years of experience. Mistakes on any paperwork can cost you time behind bars that you don’t want. We know the ins and outs of the system to ensure our clients as little time behind bars as possible without failing to provide all of the requisites of the court and bond system.

Once you appear in court post bail, the bail is refunded either to you or us as the bail bondsman who posted your bond. We then return the collateral to you or whomever posted the collateral minus our fee (10% or 15% in a federal bond) to issue the bond. This process is generally the same whether it’s a civic, municipal or other type of bond.

If you, as the defendant, fails to appear in court, an arrest warrant is issued for you. The court then keeps the bail amount and the collateral posted toward the bond is forfeited. It is a very serious thing to fail to appear in court and it is treated just like a crime.

Municipal bonds

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