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Are you or a loved one in need of assistance? With us you can get the needed bail bond quickly and with least amount of hassle and inconvenience. Our Lubbock bail bonds agents understand that going through an arrest, or that of a loved one, can be a stressful and confusing time. Being in a situation that you are probably going through for the first time, it is not expected that you know exactly how to go about getting yourself out of this situation in the quickest easiest possible way. There is no need for you to spend an extra minute in jail then you have to. That is why we are ready to help you with all of your bail needs.

With our knowledge, expertise and experience we can provide you with the best possible deal for your particular situation. We will outline the procedure and take care of all the legal work and proceedings behind your release.

Understanding the Process

bail_bonds_Lubbock As you enter into this process, especially if you are not familiar with the proceedings, it can be a bit daunting and unsettling. We offer our assistance to you to make the whole process as smooth as possible and have it over with as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your life.

If this is new to you, having a general understanding of what to expect can be helpful, as well as understanding how we can be of assistance to you.

Immediately after being arrested, it is likely that your process will begin at the county jail. Before one can be released, there are a few steps that must happen first.

Firstly, what is bail? – When arrested, the offender can be released in exchange for a payment of money. This money or payment is an ‘insurance’ that the accused will be present for their court date, at the same time allowing them to be outside of jail in the comfort of their home while waiting for the trial date. With trials and court dates taking weeks and even up to months of processing – using bail is the only way to be able to continue to go about life as normal, without having your life being put on hold while waiting for the legal system.

What happens first? – Whether or not you have committed a crime, if you have been arrested you will be taken to jail for booking. A routine search will be carried out, the infamous mug shot taken along with finger prints and a personal statement. After this point the accused will have no access to personal belongings, bank accounts, or cell phones and any personal items will be collected and kept till the release. Once the initial and fairly straightforward process is taken care of, the defendant will be taken to a cell and given their ONE phone call. You can then choose to call a local bail bonds agency directly or call a loved one and have them do it. This would be the smartest way to go about getting out of jail fast and eliminate any unnecessary time behind bars.

This is where our work begins. The next set of procedures you can leave in our hands for a fast and easy release. Remember, of course, that the amount is ultimately in the judge’s hand, and is up to him/her to decide based on the individual and their criminal history, the crime at hand etc… what the bail terms might be. However, once the judge has determined the amount, if the defendant can pay upfront in cash or assets, they will be released shortly.

Lubbock, TX bail bonds agentsWhy use a bail bonds agency?
Bail amounts can be set anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. It is not often that we have piles of cash laying idly waiting to be spent in large amounts. It might not always be easy to come up with the required bail amount immediately. This is why we are here, to provide the best possible services for you. If you call us, not only will we pay the bail amount immediately for you, but we will also insure the entire process be carried out in the easiest and quickest manner.  Once the amount is decided, one of our agents will have to post the bail at the local jail. The phone number for this page if for our Lubbock office but if you need El Paso bail bonds we service that area as well. It is only after this that the procedure can begin, the remaining process will only last a couple hours, and then all will be in place for your release. That is why it is essential to begin and execute the initial process correctly and quickly to ensure the least possible time in jail.

Services We Offer

  • 24/7 service – our services are available anytime, anywhere, any place and for anyone.
  • Personalized cases – we don’t treat all as one, we look into each case individually and provide personalized plans that will suit you best.
  • We answer any questions the defendant or the defendant family may have before, during and after the process.
  • We will explain the entire process to you to make sure you understand what is happening to you or your loved one at all times.
  • We accept most all payment methods: cash, credit cards, check cards, money orders, western union and wire transfers
  • We will assist you until your case is settled.

In addition you have the option to be picked up directly and discretely by one of our bail bonds agents and taken back home to your loved ones. Plus our service is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Choosing a Bail Bonds Agency

Man in Lubbock County JailWhen choosing an agent for bail bonds in Lubbock you want to be able to rest your mind that you can trust them with your life and freedom. You want to know that understand the situation you are in and what needs to be done to help things go back to normal

  This is where we come in. We can help you regain your freedom quickly, easily and professionally. We are your best choice when you are looking for the best bail bonds our city has to offer. We are:

  • Available – You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. In other words, we are there when you need us. You will not have to spend one more minute in jail than is absolutely necessary.
  • Confidential – We understand the situation you are in, and respect you as a person. We take each client seriously and do our best to make your situation better. We do not discuss cases and individuals outside our agency, and only speak with family members permitted by you.
  • Competent – We are comfortable working in Court, speaking with judges and going through legal procedures. Because of our good standing in the Lubbock area, we also have good relationships with the local authorities and area jails, so we are often able to negotiate for your quick release and for the imposition of favorable terms.
  • Knowledgeable – We not only have a comprehensive and complete knowledge of the legal system and procedures, we also have years of experience and have gain valuable practical knowledge on how to handle cases in this area. Understanding laws, books and procedures is one thing, but when you have the knowledge that only comes through years of experience, this is what sets us apart from other agencies. Not only are we familiar with and understand the legal system we also understand the individual, we know that each person is different, each ones situation is different and so must be handled individually and carefully.
  • Compassionate – We do not care about the crime for which you were arrested. We believe that everyone is entitled under the law to their day in Court, during which time you will be able to attempt to prove your innocence.

No need to sit in jail anymore! Do not hesitate to call us today for a Lubbock bail bond at (806) 472-4423

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For more information on laws in Lubbock and the rest of Texas visit: Official Website of The City of Lubbock

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