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If you are a resident in Texas or if you happen to get arrested here, it would be good to know that in Texas it is the magistrate that decides if the person arrested qualify for release as well as sets the bail amount that must be paid. In Texas there are three different types of bonds that could get you a release from jail. Magistrate review the defendants criminal history, the severity of the crime committed and the flight risk of the defendant. These are all things which will be taken under consideration before determined the type and amount of bail required.

Personal bonds: This is personal promise from the defendant that he/she will appear before the court for all the court hearings. The decision to allow this type of bond will of course be determined by the magistrate.

Cash bonds: This is probably the most basic and straight forward type of bond. If the bail amount is not too large it would probably be easiest way to go about things as well. A cash bond is promise in cash, paid by the defendant or their friend/family member, by paying this amount to the court, the defendant is promising to appear in court for all court hearings. If this does not happen, and the defendant skips bail” the full amount paid is given to the city. But if the promise is kept, once the case is closed the bail amount is returned to the depositor.

Surety Bonds: Surety bonds are useful when you do not have the bail amount available to you at the time. In this case a bail bondsman will pay the bail amount for you, taking a small non-refundable fee, and carries out the process as it would be with a cash bond. However if the defendant skips bail, the bail bondsman loses the bail amount. To prevent this, bail bondsman often hire a bounty hunter to ensure appearance in court, or many times a bail bondsman may himself be the bounty hunter.

It is interesting also to note, that Texas is the only state where the bail bondsman are regulated at a county level. Each county with a population of 110,000 or more people have a Bail Bond Board,  which decided is policies regarding its regulation, this can be different rom county to county and so it would be advisable to contact your local bail bondsman and find out what the specific rules are or your county. It is for this reason that we currently have 3 locations. Our oldest office is in Lubbock, immediately after that we opened up the El Paso division, lastly Houston is our newest addition to our ‘bail bond family’. Those states which have less than 110,000 people would not have a Bail bond Board, in this case bail bond laws would be decided and enforced by the county judges or sheriffs. In either case it is important to know the specific laws where you are, and what better way to find out by contacting the experts, the ones that deal with this every day – Your local Bail Bonds Agent.

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