Information on Lubbock County jail

Information on Lubbock County Jail
A few years ago, in 2010 to be precise, Lubbock County saw the opening of a new jail with the capacity for accommodating close to 1,500 inmates at a time. The opening of the jail was not without its fair share of controversies with some observers claiming that the facility was nothing more than a white elephant. The population of inmates in the county and state jails fell down quite considerably in 2009. Currently, the local taxpayers have to pay higher taxes if the jails are to remain full with inmates. Local taxpayers need to pay more than $20 million to keep the jails fully staffed. We provide bail bonds services designed to remedy this situation.

Lubbock County Jail – The Main Correctional facility
Within Lubbock County, the main correctional facility is the Lubbock County Jail. When the courts do not set a bail to a defendant regardless of the crime that he committed, it could mean that he is about to be released. Alternatively, the absence of bail could indicate that the defendant will continue staying in prison as an inmate until his court date. When the defendant receives bail, he has to remember to show up when due in court. Cancellation of bail takes place when a defendant fails to attend court. Secondly, failure to attend court could expose the defendant to an unexpected arrest, thus the importance of using our bail bonds services.

Importance of Good Behavior in getting out of Lubbock County Jail
An inmate who desires to get out of the Lubbock County Jail will enjoy this privilege through good behavior. In this instance, good behavior means complete adherence to all the rules. Good behavior also means not causing trouble while in county jail. We advice inmates to follow all the rules to the latter to benefit from work release programs. In Lubbock, work release means that the inmate would be free to return to their place of work only to go back to jail at the end of the shift. This arrangement is for the most trustworthy of inmates. We help inmates with advice regarding the best ways to behave in jail and increase their chances of release.

Daily Inmate Population at Lubbock County Jail
Averagely, the daily inmate population in the Lubbock County Jail is around 733 inmates. The facility can accommodate up to 795 inmates. The facility has been running since 1982. With a full-time staff of around 289, it’s safe to say that the staff to inmate ratio is fine. Moreover, we are able to help anybody who wants to check details of any inmate in Lubbock County Jail. This is because such details are a matter of public record. Such details include the bond amount, the date of arrest, offence, charges, mugshot, physical description, statues, the court case number, holding agency and warrant info to mention but a few.

Who can pay an inmate’s Bail Bond?
We’re in business to help pay bail on behalf of inmates. Anybody can pay bail for any inmate. The first step to do is determine whether the inmate has Cash Only Bond. Such a bond does not require our services. On the other hand, if the bail bond is too high and neither the inmate nor his relatives/friends can pay it, our services would be necessary. The inmate would pay us around 10-15% of the entire bail amount as set by the magistrate. There are times when we negotiate with customers for fixed fees and not percentages. Inmates at the Lubbock County Jail should expect us to use their assets as collateral if the bail bond is a very large amount.

Length of Visits at Lubbock County Jail
The Lubbock County Jail is open 24/7. However, the visiting hours are under strict supervision. The general populace can only visit the inmates inside the county jail between 8am and 9.30pm every day of the week. The last visitor should check in not a minute later than 9pm daily. Each visit should not last more than 20 minutes. The rules are a bit different for inmates locked up inside the Special Housing Unit and the Orientation Pod. To visit any inmate in these two areas, you would have to call the Sheriff’s Office and ask for the visitation schedule for the entire week prior to showing up.

Acceptable and Unacceptable items at Lubbock County Jail
Any person is free to send mail to the inmate inside Lubbock County Jail or Detention Center. All mail must go through inspection after opening to ensure that it contains no contraband. Some items are permissible inside the mail. Other items are not permissible as part of the mail, and they include:
a) Polaroid pictures
b) Packages
c) Postage stamps
d) Pornographic literature

Buying items from the Lubbock County Jail’s Commissary
A commissary is inside the Lubbock County Jail, where all inmates are free to buy whatever they need. Instead of sending real cash to the inmate, it’s much safer and better to open an account under their name in the commissary and deposit some money there. When the inmate needs any item, he would be free to buy it from the commissary without spending real cash. To deposit money, go to the main lobby in the detention center. Check where the kiosk machine is and deposit any amount in the inmate’s name. Afterwards, go to the inmate and inform him about the deposit you just made under his name so that he knows he can purchase whatever he needs.

How Inmates can make Phone Calls at Lubbock County Jail
The minute an inmate shows up at the Lubbock County Jail, the authorities shall assign him a P.I.N Number. The inmate shall then use the number to make phone calls. However, it’s worth mentioning that the phone calls are not free. Each call that an inmate makes is chargeable to his account. The county jail keeps a proper record of all phone calls. The inmates are free to transfer funds from their general accounts to the phone accounts to get the opportunity to continue making phone calls to any person that they want. We allow them to make phone calls to us and ask any question regarding bail bonds or how to behave well to stand a chance of early release.
Therefore, do not be afraid to call and talk to us about a loved one who is in Lubbock County Jail and needs our services regarding bail bonds.