Immigration Bonds

Sometimes foreign nationals living unlawfully in the United States find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being arrested and detained by the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Some detainees are granted an immigration bond. An immigration bond is a federal bond, not a state or local bond. It is designed to guarantee that a detainee makes all future appearances in court. It’s important that you fully understand what an immigration bond is.

As licensed, reputable, and experienced bail bondsmen, we can assist with any type of immigration bond. It’s important that you hire the right company to assist you as soon as possible. The company needs to be reputable, ethical, and professional. You need to know that you can entrust them with the process without concern. Bail Bonds Bros. is a leading bondsmen in Texas and has built a solid reputation assisting its clients and their families.

A detainee will deal with either ICE or the Department of Homeland Security. The cost with this specialty bond is usually about 20% of the original bond amount. More simply put, an immigration bond is also known as a federal civil bond. Federal refers to the fact that it is regulated by the Federal Government and civil refers to the fact that no crime has been committed by the person. (Being in the country unlawfully is not a criminal offense unless they commit a crime while living here).

An immigration bond is a type of bond needed to secure the release of a foreign national living unlawfully in the U.S. who is being detained by ICE. The (surety) bond is like an insurance policy and is issued by an obligor (the surety or insurance company) and serves as a promise to pay the obligee (ICE/Homeland Security) an amount of money if the principal (foreign national) fails to meet agreed terms.

There are three types of immigration bonds: Delivery Bond, Public Safety Bond and Voluntary Departure Bond. Of the three bonds, the most frequently issued is the delivery bond which is to execute a final order of deportation but allows the person to remain in the country pending the outcome of their case.

An immigration bond can be a complicated for someone to be faced with, especially a foreign national, and can involve multiple appearances in court. It’s best handled by highly professional bondsmen with extensive experience in immigration bonding.

As bail bondsmen, we understand the complexities of the federal and state systems. We will be supportive from the moment you or your family reach out to us. We will provide complete transparency of our process and walk you through all of the details of your case as it pertains to your bail bond. We know that this is an extremely stressful time for everyone involved, and it’s our job to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible.

We are available 24/7 help our clients and we will respond as soon as possible. Our goal is to have you or your relative released as quickly possible, even the same day if at all possible. We will then continue to work with you through the rest of the process.

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