How to save money and time with bail bonds

How to Save Money and Time with Bail Bonds
If you’re an inmate, regardless of whether your case is over or not, it’s likely that the thought crowding your mind is to get out as fast as possible. Finding an inmate who wants to spend the rest of his life in a correctional/detention facility is an impossible task. The best solution is for the inmate to pay bail bond. The bail could be in the form of cash or property. By paying bail, the defendant shouldn’t think that they’re free from the hook. His case shall be going on; only that he shall be going to court when required. The defendant needs to understand how to save money with the bail bonds to avoid spending more than he should.

Stay Calm and don’t Panic
Staying calm is not an option to an inmate or defendant who wants to save money and time. Many inmates and defendants have saved huge sums of money and time by learning from us. By allowing us to act on your behalf as a bail bondsman, we’ll help you learn how to save money. If you’re arrested, ask your representatives to remain calm at all times. Panicking shall be of no help to any person. While learning that a loved one is in custody can be a very stressful event, panicking shall not help, as you won’t be able to provide us with information that we need to help your friend or relative.

Call us Immediately
Ask your representative to call us immediately. If you’re in jail and unable to call us, probably because you already used the one call to talk with your loved one, remember to ask the representative to call us immediately with all the facts. However, we prefer that you or your representative call us once bail is set. We have a direct link with a number of jails. Therefore, we will see the amount that the judge sets as bail. We shall also be able to see the charge sheet as long as you or your representative provide us with accurate information regarding the correctional facility where the accused is held.

Avoid rushing to the jail
Rushing to the jail doesn’t save you time or money. In fact, if anything, rushing to jail shall waste more money and time. You should only proceed to the jail after working out all the relevant details. This is because we also want to save as much time and money as possible so that you’re released from jail quickly. If you rush to jail, we’ll have no option but to make countless trips to your home or office for the paperwork needed to facilitate your release from the detention center. Some of the information that we need, which saves you a lot of time and money, include real estate documents, identification papers and employment records.

Faxing Details to Facilitate Quick Release
Depending on the detention center where you are held, we could send a fax of the bond and other important details that facilitate your quick release from custody. We might also indicate a telephone number for you to call and inform a loved one of your impending release. Faxing enables us to help the inmate save as much as 2 hours. In some cases, waiting for us to drive to the detention facility and proceed with the paperwork could take up to 8 hours of your time. By faxing the details, the correctional or detention center shall release you in less than half of that time.

Defendants do not pay excessive minimum fees
We don’t charge excessive minimum fees. Inmates should keep an eye for such fees, which could lead to waste of money. Some bail bail bondsmen have a tendency of charging inmates or defendants excessively high minimum fees for small bonds. Some of the bondsmen only deal with large bonds. Fortunately, we don’t discriminate. We provide our bail bondsman services to inmates in need of large or small bonds. Our minimum fee is standard regardless of the amount of bond that you need. Consequently, clients are assured of saving huge chunks of money by not paying the excessive minimum fees.

Avoid paying interest rates
We don’t charge any interest on the repayments. Therefore, inmates are assured that they only have to pay what we agreed. At times, depending on the inmate that needs our services, we might decide to do away with the 10-15% downpayment and only ask the accused to make the monthly payments as agreed. Defendants can embark on repaying us as little as $50 per month. The monthly fee depends on the defendant’s financial status and other factors. Our services are geared to each defendant. We customize the bail bonds based on what each defendant can afford financially, the nature of the crime and the amount that the judge set as bail.
Make us your first option

A bail bond is the most effective way through which to save money upon learning of a loved one’s arrest. Understanding how the bail bond process works is the best way to save money. For that reason, be ready to call us immediately the bond is set. You could even call us in advance before the bail is set. The severity of the crime and the flight risk are some of the factors that could affect the actual bail amount. You save money and time by contacting us fast. If you decide to take a loan to post bail, you would have to cater for the interest rates and other fees. As bail bondsman, we help you save money by not charging additional fees or interests.

Therefore, don’t make us your last option. Let us be your first option. The moment a loved one is arrested and is set to appear in court, get in touch with us. Let us handle the matter of posting bail bond on behalf of the loved one. By letting us in from the moment the case comes up or the loved one is arrested, you’ll save huge sums of money and time that would have gone into waste.