Federal Bonds

A bail bondsmen are experts with the bail process and help it to run as smoothly as possible. The goal is to have having you spend as little time as possible in jail. Bail bondsmen work with you or your family to draw up a payment plan and arrange to pay bail with a bail bond. Bail Bonds Bros has all of the skills, experience, and reputation to handle any kind of bond, including federal bonds.
We are available 24/7 to assist our customers from the moment we receive the first phone call notifying us that someone is being held and charged with a crime. We handle all cases with respect and very discreetly. We understand how delicate and stressful of a time this can be for everyone involved.

Federal bonds are different, yet similar, to other bonds. The most obvious difference is that they relate to a federal case and are considered more serious and more complex both for a defendant and the bail process. Not all bail bonds agencies are qualified to work with federal bonds, so it’s important you hire an agency with the right skills and experience to work with federal bonds. Bail Bonds Bros has the necessary skills, experience, knowledge, as well as licensing, to assist you with a federal bond case. Experience can be a tremendous asset in federal cases.

An important factor of federal bonds is that they require sufficient collateral to cover them. This is established during a special and very important hearing for a defendent called a Nebia hearing. We will work with you or your family throughout the process to ensure that you understand each step and that all of the required information and paperwork is delivered in a timely and comprehensive manner. The hearing determines whether someone can cover the full amount of the bond with viable collateral. If the bond cannot be covered then the person is not released from jail.

The process of a federal bail bond:
— A federal judge will set bail on a federal criminal charge. Generally, bonds are much higher in federal cases than in state cases.

— Defendants will pay 15% more in fees because of the complexity of federal bail bonds. (It’s a 10% fee for state or local bonds). The bail bondsmen will work on collateral to cover the rest of the bond.

— A federal judge will hold a hearing to ensure that the the collateral is valid and legitimate.
As you can see, a federal bond is no light and easy matter. It’s extremely important to work with a highly qualified, highly experienced bondsmen and to get it right each step of the way. If you or someone has been arrested and charged, you should contact us as soon as possible. We can guide you through the process after an initial discussion to gather more information about your case. We will treat you or your family with dignity and discretion. We can also answer any questions you might have about bail bonds, your case, or other concerns you have.

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