Charitable organizations across El Paso

There are more than 1,500 nonprofit organizations serving the approximately 660,000+ residents of El Paso. The number of nonprofits is likely so high because El Paso also ranks as one of the poorest cities in the U.S. because of pockets of high poverty in areas of the city. Specifically, its Chamizal neighborhood is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. On a much brighter note, however, the overall poverty rate in El Paso is steadily declining having dropped from 21% to 20.3% in 2010.

Recent numbers indicate that education and low wages represent two of the greatest economic concerns for this border city. Education is directly tied to earning power so it’s no surprise that the city ranked 97th with regard to starting salaries and overall median salaries at $39,600 and $47,000 respectively. Interestingly, though, the city ranks far higher at #28 in percentage of residents earning more than $150,000: 5.2%.

A recent article by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, a leading, nonprofit industry publication, rated El Paso second to last on the percentage of income donated by individual residents. The city’s residents donated just 5.8% of their income compared to the most philanthropic city, Detroit, where residents donate more than double of El Paso’s.

Great Nonprofits regularly reviews and ranks the country’s nonprofits, including ones in El Paso. Below we list some of their top-rated El Paso charities – all received 4 and 5 stars by the website.

— Kids Excel El Paso engages about 2200 students annually in weekly dance arts classes, including a program held in school for 4th graders across the city.

— Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) since 1909 has focused on children, youth, homeless & housing, and human services across El Paso.
— Bordersenses is a nonprofit literary group created in 2000 and dedicated to promoting artists and writers while promoting exchanges across the border.

— El Paso Diabetes Association helps provide access and information to diabetes services for families in the El Paso area.

— El Paso Playhouse is a community theatre serving a diverse and multicultural population through its plays and theatrical events.

— Books are GEMS works to encourage literacy by providing reading materials and books to deserving children.

— The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation supports other nonprofits with missions related to cancer education/prevention, detection, as well as quality and end of life assistance.

— Kids-N-Co is a children’s theatre company allowing children to perform and producing theatre programs in the El Paso area regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

— Nami El Paso deals with the issues of mental illness assisting those affected and their family members through classes and programs they offer to provide support and teach coping skills as well as other assistance.

— El Paso Bridges Academy provides educational programming for children diagnosed with learning differences. The programs employs creative programs for the students as well as providing support, information and training through the El Paso area and surrounding communities.

— Salvation Army is a Christian church and charitable organization working at both grassroots and international levels. It is one of the country’s oldest charitable organizations.

— El Paso Zoological Society works like other zoological societies across the country to promote and support the zoo.

Another great source for nonprofit ranking is Charity Navigator. However, they only rank nonprofits larger than a certain size with a minimum level of revenue.

For more information on El Paso Charities please visit: Charities Across El Paso, Texas

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