Bail Bonds During The Holidays

Through a series of unfortunate events (or mistake) someone finds themselves arrested. Unfortunately, the holidays have an even greater likelihood that someone will be arrested. Law enforcement agencies across the country report much higher rates of DUI arrests during the three and four-day holidays – sometimes double the rates of other weekends. The choice of a highly experienced and reliable bail bonds professional can make the difference between spending hours or days behind bars. It can also mean experiencing this stressful process under the guidance of compassionate professionals.

Bail Bonds Bros. has the experience, integrity, and reliability necessary to ease the process for you or your loved one. We work quickly to ensure the time behind bars is minimized as much as possible. This is an important factor in helping someone to get back to their normal life and a second-chance at their lives. Our three Texas offices in Lubbock, El Paso and Houston are there to help serve the Texas community if it happens to find itself in need within the judicial system.


We offer our clients confidential and discreet service 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This means that in the unlikely chance you or someone you know finds themselves in need of a bail bonds professional, we make it easy for you to reach us and begin the process procuring your bail and of being released.

We look at each individual case and its needs in order to create the best plan possible – quickly. During this process, we will answer any questions the defendant or family member may have to ensure they understand what we do and what they can expect. Because the bail bonds process requires that a client share personal and confidential information with us, we understand the importance for complete confidentiality on our part. We want our clients and future clients to be able to confide in us with complete ease. We continue to assist you until the process is completed.

We know the legal system and have good contacts within the Texas system because our reputation for professionalism and comprehensive knowledge of the legal system. It’s our experience and reputation that set us apart from most bail bonds professionals.
Aside from our experience and reputation, the next most important factor is that we do not judge our clients. We do not care about the crime you are being charged with. We believe in the judicial system with the tenet that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and entitled to their day in court. During the holidays, more than any other time of the year, we understand the heightened need to act quickly to have our clients released and for greater sensitivity for all involved. If the client requests it, we are available to provide discreet pick-up service at the time of their release. Again, we always place the needs of our clients first.

We make the payment process easy for our clients by accepting most payment methods: cash, credit cards, check, money orders, Western Union or other wire transfers.

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